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Sedona Hotels and Inns

Things to do in Sedona

  • Over the Edge Sports - Killer MTB shop in West Sedona.  Great guys, great trail info.  Featuring Niner/SantaCruz/Intense/Trek bikes.  Host of the Sedona MTB Festival
  • Sedona Destination Adventures - Will Geurts - local MTB legend hosts beginners to pro riders all over Sedona's trail system.
  • Pink Jeep Tours - Granddaddy of all Jeep companies in Sedona - and featuring the best trip in town "Broken Arrow"
  • Red Rock Jeep Tours - 2nd Fiddle to Pink, but they have the 2nd best tour in town featuring "Soldiers Pass"
  • When the day's done - check out Famous Pizza OR 1902 (the bar at Whole Foods) for the best craft beer selection in town!

Places to Visit in Sedona

Local Verde Valley Wineries

Sedona Lenders/Mortage Brokers

  • Fairway Mortgage - Jonathan Burgueno is sharp and never drops the ball - a great partner for you when you're ready to buy a home!

Sedona Builders /General Contractors

  • Biermann Construction - Commercial or Residential, Dave can do it all.  CA native, but lived in Sedona for YEARS (killer Mountain Biker too!)
  • Dwell Well - Greg Van Dam is a fantastic remodeling contractor, all around good guy, and probably a better rider than Dave!
  • Westfork Construction - Rick and Randy Morris have been building Sedona's finest homes for years (but they lose points as neither ride... Just kidding)
  • DeTar Construction - Joel DeTar has built luxury homes in Sedona forever... and is a local philanthropist and stand up guy.
  • CDR Construction - Kevin Dunlap was Sedona's first city manager and wrote the standards and guidelines for local building - he knows them better than anyone!